pre-packaged & custom options available

1:1 coaching

Personal strength coaching for individual development using a
habit-based approach.

team coaching

Team coaching that helps you put the right people in the right place with the right focus.

crisis recovery

Strengths coaching to move teams and individuals forward following difficult seasons.


Strengths training workshops for offsite events and retreats.


Strengths, habit design, and well-being topics for events and retreats.


Articles and blogs on strengths, habits, and well-being topics.

Heidi led an incredibly engaging training for our team that helped us better leverage our strengths and talents as individuals, as a team, and especially when working with clients.
Kristen Simon
Training & Development Lead, Restore health
Heidi is experienced, smart, and highly professional. She will make the world a better place, one person at a time.
Penny Hegesth
TEAM & STaff developer, Penny hegseth coaching


Most frequent questions and answers

There is one key difference you’ll experience when you work with us, and we believe it’s the most important – HOW YOU MAKE THIS STICK.

Knowing your strengths is one thing. Doing something with them is another.

We use a behavior change approach we KNOW works. It’s our specialty. We help you create easy… RIDICULOUSLY EASY… habits to lock in the changes you want to make. Whether it’s in life, work, relationships, or general wellbeing, you will learn to harness teeny tiny changes that stick. 

Awesome! You have a head start. But you’ve only scratched the surface if you only know your Top 5 Strengths. Before our first session, we’ll need access to your results. If you’d like, we can unlock your Top 34 Strengths or stick with your Top 5. Either one is fine. 

If you’re local (Greater Boston area), we can meet in person. Otherwise, we’ll meet virtually via a Zoom call. This is an amazingly effective tool for building a coaching relationship!

One-on-one coaching packages start at $399 for 4 sessions. Team packages start at $999, but we offer discounted prices to non-profits.

Workshops and speaker rates will be given on request.

Don’t let price be a deterrent! We can help you creatively plan for this investment in your future. 

Each individual session is 50 minutes. We will meet 4x with the option to add more if needed. Team sessions vary and generally include individual sessions before and after the team coaching. 

Mission driven people and organizations have a central purpose, often faith-based. They seek to make a difference in this world with a singular purpose or vision. As a result, our coaching incorporates a holistic perspective – body, mind, and soul – into our coaching sessions. 

Often, when teams or people have experienced a trauma, they feel stuck. Strengths-based coaching helps people and teams recover more quickly by creating an action plan to move forward. It lean into strengths (what’s RIGHT) to pair hope for the future with tangible action steps. 

Individual coaching includes 4 starter sessions:

Identify and understand your Top 5 CliftonStrengths and why the dynamics between them matters.
Identify your past successes to uncover your pathway to your preferred future. Integrate your personal values for further clarity.
Map your next steps by using the power of habits to make them stick. Create a fool-proof plan to unleash success.
Assess your progress to adapt, adjust, and chart your ongoing, next steps toward success!

Team coaching will include a combination of the following:

1:1 Coaching with Team Manager

Group coaching session

1:1 Coaching Sessions with all team leads

Group Coaching Session with individual work teams

1:1 Coaching with all individual contributors

This can be customized to fit your team organization, though we can discuss the ideal scenario for best results! 



Workshops are a great way to introduce strengths to your team and begin building a culture and language around strengths. They are highly interactive and fun! This can be a great first step to help you decide if additional strengths coaching is a good fit for your organization. Typically, these workshops are one time and last anywhere from 2-4 hours.