You Weren’t Made To Be Well-Rounded

How much time have you invested in the name of balance? The world screams that a well-rounded life leads to college acceptance, gainful employment, and a healthy marriage. If this is true, why do you feel so out of whack?

It Starts With Talent

“You can be anything you want to be.” Do you believe this? Have you structured your life or career around this belief? I hate to disappoint you, but this just isn’t true.

Don’t Sabotage Your Health

We don’t intend to do it. We set out with resolution and resolve. But somehow we fall into the same pattern of discouragement, frustration, or lack of progress we’ve experienced before. Often, we’re the culprit in a familiar game.

How to Breathe in a Busy World

“Secure your own mask first before assisting others.” Standard emergency instructions on every airline, on every flight. As the flight attendants recite their lines, how often do we actually listen?

Jesus Never Journaled

While your denomination may have been different than mine, you and I have likely heard many of the same messages about how to deepen your personal faith. But, while these traditional paths for spiritual growth work for some, what do you do if you struggle like me?

Stop The Should-ing

How often do you find yourself saying (or thinking), “I really should…” Maybe it’s your response to a social invitation or volunteer request. Or maybe it’s a self-made promise to change a bad habit or build a new one. Either way, it’s time to stop the should-ing.