About Me

I’m Heidi. I’m an author & health coach.

I know that getting healthy is hard. It’s been a lifelong, uphill climb for me too. But in my personal life as a mom and wife, and my professional life as a counselor and health coach, I’ve discovered some things that work… and some things that don’t. So, I wrote a book to share some old truths in a new way.

I’ve helped hundreds of people make healthy life changes. As a master’s level counselor, certified nutrition coach, personal trainer, and manager at a digital health organization,  I’m trained to help you make changes inside and out with small steps for lasting change.

“It Began in the Garden” delivers my coaching straight to you.

This is YOUR story… and mine too. It’s unique and yet the same. It’s the part of the story that gets missed in all the talk about losing weight, finding the best diet, and knowing what it means to be truly healthy. It’s the part that makes ALL the difference in finally making peace with your life… mind, body, & spirit.

* I am not currently accepting any new clients, so my book “It Began in the Garden” is my coaching in the comfort of your own home!

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