What Kind of Dieter Are You?

Monday is diet day. With strong intentions and vigor we vow to eat better and get back to the gym. On a good week, we make it to Friday before we’re back to our old habits.

So, what’s the problem? Why do we have such a hard time committing to healthy lifestyle changes?

My counseling and life coaching background have helped me observe some common behavior patterns. After working with hundreds of clients as a health and wellness coach, I’ve identified 4 primary personality types of those who struggle to make lasting changes.

Here are the 4 dieters I’ve identified: 

  1. Dabbler – A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Yes, variety is important to prevent boredom and plateaus. But changing too often backfires. The Beachbody programs, in particular, are designed as building blocks. They are scientifically created to take you from point A to point Z over a period of time (anywhere from 21-90 days). Impatience with a scale that’s not moving fast enough (after only a week or two) usually causes the bail out. Believing “it’s not working,” the next program is cued up. The reality is, there’s no such thing as a quick fix.
  2. Sabotager – Ready and willing to slash the other tires. As soon as an obstacle arises, it’s game over. Whether it’s an illness, a late night, one bad eating day, a vacation, or some other life stressor, it’s reason enough to give up. Often, these obstacles are self-imposed. Instead of seeing the challenge as a road bump, it becomes reason a gigantic hurdle that “can’t” be navigated and something to place blame for an inability to continue. These “insurmountable” obstacles are scapegoats.
  3. Doubter – A distrust of the process. Even though the commitment has been made to start a program or nutritional system, skepticism abounds. Questions come at every turn. “Yeah, buts…” are the norm in response to information that’s given. A toe is in the water, maybe even an entire leg, but the rest of the body is waiting for the shark to bite. As a result, effort is minimal and failure expected. The self-fulfilling prophecy plays itself out in the disappointing end result.
  4. Martyr – But I’m a mom. Everyone else comes first… kids, spouse, friends, parents. There’s always a reason for not getting a workout in or not eating in a life-nourishing way. Kid’s activities and food preferences, spouse’s work schedule, friend’s requests for help, and school involvement take precedence. Busyness is the enemy… and, honestly, the excuse. It’s absolutely important to give time, energy, and attention to our relationships, but it’s often at the expense of personal health. A little “me” time is the cure.

So, do any of these describe you?

Maybe you’re a combination. One week you’re dabbling, another you’re doubting. Parenthood can get the best of us sometimes and self-sabotage can creep in unexpectedly.

Are you ready to become a new kind of dieter?

The best way to get the results you want is to join an accountability group. Partnering with others and working with a coach is the key to staying on track.

Whether you’re a dabbler, sabotager, doubter, or martyr, I will personally help you decide, commit, and succeed in your weight loss and nutrition goals.

Contact me at unstuck4life@gmail.com or connect with me on Facebook to join my next Challenge Group.

Become the best kind of dieter… the no-diet kind.

You are worth it.

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