I was 38 years old. My body was revolting on me. I was fatigued, depressed, and overweight.

Whether it was years of catching fast pitch softball games or simple biomechanics, my knee wasn’t cooperating with my fitness plan. Sidelined from running, biking, elliptical, and most group fitness classes, the low-impact swimming option wasn’t yielding results.

The scale and my mood said something had to change.

Enter, the infomercial. I bet you know the one. Enthusiastic fitness guy promising results in just 90 days. Before & after pictures. Testimonials of pounds and inches lost and bodies transformed. It was P90X… and I was intrigued.

Despite my physical limitations, I believed I could do this. I ordered the program… then told my husband, he was going to join me! 🙂

Together we created our food chart, took the fit test, snapped our before photos (gulp!), and took our measurements. We filled our kitchen with foods from the nutrition guide and braced for day one.

For 90 days we pressed play… missing only 2 workouts. We committed time to chopping, prepping, planning, and recording our food.

Here were our results:

Weight lost: Heidi – 10 pounds / Kevin – 17 pounds

Inches lost: Heidi – 9″ / Kevin – 8″

We also doubled our initial fit test results in push ups, wall squats, bicep curls, jumping jacks, and sit-ups. We could jump 2″ higher and reach 2″ closer to our toes.

More importantly, I learned 5 significant life principles:

(1) The human body is resilient. When I worked the muscles around my weak knee, my knee got stronger. By building strength in my quads, hamstrings, and calves, my knee was supported and cushioned rather than jarred and hammered. I didn’t have to modify or hold back. What a huge surprise!

(2) Accountability is crucial. I knew nothing about Challenge Groups or Beachbody Coaches at the time. But, I knew I needed someone to go thru this with me. Though we never worked out at the same time, Kevin and I spent hours talking about the workouts, how sore we were, what foods we enjoyed (or didn’t), temptations we faced, and more. I know for certain, I would not have made it 90 days without him.

(3) Consistency is key. I maintained my results for a couple of years before a job relocation rocked my world. When I stopped working out and eating well, I gained weight, lost energy, and was generally unhappy. Upon re-committing to a regular workout routine and good nutrition, I built upon what I already knew would work. I had the foundation. I just had to build on it.

(4) At-home exercise programs work. Gyms are great, but there’s nothing better than saving time, and money, by working out in my own home. Rolling out of bed and changing into workout clothes (unconcerned if they match) before heading to the basement (without makeup or hair done) makes life easier. I’ve experienced first-hand that when you do the work, the programs work. With motivational trainers and scientifically designed, cutting edge programs, the results are there for the taking.

(5) Nutrition matters. Tracking our food was crucial. We knew what we were actually eating. And giving up diet soda for 90 days triggered other significant dietary changes for our family. We are now a soda free home. That one, small decision, led to other nutritional changes over time. Aspartame and high fructose corn syrup are outcasts in our home today and white flour is slowly making its exit.

Heidi B4 & After
After re-commiting to fitness & nutrition in 2013.

Kevin B4 & After

One moment. One decision. Five changed lives. Watching television is rarely linked to better health. But in this case, I can squarely give it credit for changing the course of my life and the life of my family.

I am now a health and wellness coach who’s certified in nutrition and I’m a huge advocate of Beachbody. I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of others with their own transformation. The 21 Day Fix has been a game-changer for so many of my clients.

My own story began with an informercial. How will yours begin?

Question: Do you know where to start? Contact me for help with your own transformation! 

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