A new year. Resolution time. But what if resolutions aren’t your thing? They’re not mine either.

Resolutions feel daunting to me. And binding. And suffocating. Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me that feels set up for failure if I actually verbalize a plan, goal or desire. After all, resolutions are really just BIG goals, right? Big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAG’s) to be sure.

Setting goals has never been my forte. I’ve relied heavily on discipline to just simply get things done. Sometimes, without direction.

As 2014 drew to a close, however, the pressure to set resolute goals for 2015 mounted. Being in the #1 new year’s resolution health and wellness field, I felt paralyzed. My head was filled with ideas designed to “capitalize” on this by helping others, but I simply couldn’t mobilize myself to create an action plan.

I realized though, that I absolutely had to make some personal changes in the new year. My last blog post was an honest disclosure of some of the struggles I face with anxiety and depression. I could blame genetic or chemical components, but the reality is there are some things that are in my control to change.

This need for change led me to accept the challenge of identifying a single word to focus on for the new year. This, for me, was a far better plan than setting BHAG’s.

My chosen word? Habits.

On the surface, this word isn’t very spiritual, significant or sexy. But really, it’s all of the above. Here’s why:

  1. Habits build our relationship with Christ. Whether it’s prayer, Bible reading, walking in the woods, or reading a great Christian author, when done consistently, we improve our relationship with God. The more often we connect to our unique spiritual pathway, the better and stronger our faith becomes. Spiritual growth.
  2. Habits build the foundation to a better life. There is only one cornerstone on a building. It’s the first stone set in any work of masonry. That one brick determines the position of the entire structure. See why it matters? Each cornerstone habit we build, when positioned correctly, sets the course for what’s built upon it. A better life.
  3. Habits build our body. A 20 second forearm plank may not seem like a very big deal. But when we’re holding a 5 minute plank just 30 days later, the change in our body (and mind) is a very big deal. Small commitments lead to lasting change in our health and wellness. Sexy mind and body.

So, on New Year’s Day, I started my first new habit. I put away my cell phone at 8pm. The constant need to check Facebook, email, texts and the like was disconnecting me from being present…in the now.

I believe whole-heartedly that this small, but oh-so-difficult change, is the first step toward a better, more joyful, more engaged new year.

Feel free to hold me accountable.

And scold me if it’s after 8pm.

QUESTION (and challenge):  What’s your word for 2015?

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