I finally revealed a little secret on my Facebook page last week. The deliberator in me went back and forth about whether or not I should share it. Will it hurt my “business?” Will I seem like a fraud? Does it discredit what I do every day? But, in the end, my value of honesty and integrity won.

The revelation? I don’t like to exercise. Not exactly a HUGE bombshell, I know. But for me, whose industry is fitness, it may seem rather odd. I’ve been an athlete since my early years (see my prior blog post about that) but it’s always been about the competition, not the practice or training for game day. I chose sports that didn’t involve a lot of running or strength training… volleyball and softball. Track? No way. What a nightmare! I couldn’t imagine a worse activity than running around a big oval over and over again. Basketball? Too much conditioning. Shuttle runs were sheer torture.

Why, then, would I choose a profession that, more or less, forces me work out regularly? In short, because I’m fighting an uphill battle with age and metabolism. Can anyone relate?

At age 40, my metabolism came to a screeching halt. The exercises that used to work, were no longer effective. My attempts to eat healthy weren’t yielding any results and my stress-induced weight gain was creeping up on me following a transition to a new community. My clothes were too tight, my body was achy, and my mood was foul. Not a good combination. Enough was enough. I need to rely on another of my strengths… discipline, to get me out of this deliberative funk. It’s not the first time I’ve had to make a conscious choice to do something and trust my discipline to take over. Exercise just got the focus this time when it was most needed. I turned to Beachbody’s TurboFire for rejuvenation and found exactly what I needed. The scheduled workouts, high tempo music, and HIIT based training kicked my metabolism into overdrive. Seeing these fast results provided the motivation I needed to keep going and I no longer had to rely on discipline alone. The results were leading the way.

So, I get it. I get that exercise can be a chore. I get that it’s not always fun. I get that it’s easy to just skip it when life gets busy. I get that the hardest step is sometimes just getting started while for others, it’s sticking with it. I get that life is busy and it’s hard to schedule one more thing into an already full day. I have been in ALL those places and still am sometimes. This week I had one of those days; the kind where I just did NOT want to work out. I dragged my butt through it from start to finish. It wasn’t pretty, but I did it. Why? I knew, in the end, I would feel better having done it. Not the big, endorphine rush kind of feel better. But the, “hey, I did what I committed to do” kind of better.

I sometimes look around at other Beachbody coaches who are truly in LOVE with fitness. I see pictures of themselves in the gym after multiple workouts in some crazy hard pose or look in awe as their muscles bulge while their body glistens with sweat. It’s easy to feel intimidated or inferior sometimes by comparison.

But, I know that I am uniquely made to relate to a different kind of person… the kind of person who’s more like me. The one whose life doesn’t revolve around fitness but understands (or needs) the benefits of it. The one who may need a little motivation to get going again after a hiatus from exercise. The one who may need a new program to re-energize the tedium of their daily workouts. The one who’s reached a plateau and doesn’t know how to change things up as age 40 strikes. Or the one who just wants support to keep on keeping on in their quest for health and wellness.

I’m not a fitness fanatic. I’m just a girl who’s trying to outwit an aging metabolism and honor the one and only temple I’ve been given. So, if this is you, just know this. I can help…

And, I get it.

4 thoughts on “A Secret Revealed: I Get It

  1. I hear you! I go through waves of intensely LOVING fitness, but then other times I really want nothing to do with it. Variety is really key – I think that’s what helps me to keep coming back. Oh yeah… and all those things called benefits 😉

  2. Thanks, Kelly! I agree completely with variety being key, in addition to finding something peaks your interest so that the motivation follows. The benefits are worth it! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing. I just started a walking program and want to add to it. But the excuses–my hubby’s schedule, the kids, my work, school work–keep me from nailing down the time to add more. I don’t know how to get past feeling guilty about wanting to get my groove on in a gym over making sure my family is taken care of–not that they aren’t! Does that make sense? Anywho…walking is going great and it’s what is making the difference right now…

  4. First of all, GOOD FOR YOU for doing something to get yourself moving… that’s the first step, no pun intended! 🙂 I completely understand the “mom guilt.” I felt it today while shopping. I was looking for clothes for ME while all 3 boys plus hubby were waiting outside the store. I cut MY browsing short, even though I really needed to find some things, because I didn’t want to create frustration for them. BUT, with exercise, I’ve learned that I HAVE to take care of me so that I can take care of them. If I’m unhappy (which I am when my clothes don’t fit, my days are sedentary, and boredom/depression takes over) they ALL suffer… quite the opposite of the nurturing I want to provide! I’ve found a schedule that works for me AND for them by NOT going to the gym but choosing home workouts instead. I’d love to help you take another step forward on your one pound journey. Let’s talk more! 🙂

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