it's time to put your strengths to work

feel better. work better. live better.

Activate your strengths to build the bridge between your present and your future.

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CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) has already been trusted by 22 million people.

practice using your talents

Build a daily habit of using one of your strengths every day.

experience greater clarity & focus

Live with more freedom when you know and use your strengths for life.

"What you do every day is your life. If you’re not living the kind of life you want, Heidi offers you the creative, practical tools you need to start living a better life.”
Bob Merritt
Senior Pastor, Eagle Brook Church
"With Heidi as your guide, you’ll have an experienced coach to motivate you, and a relatable, trusted friend and counselor to encourage you along the way.
Kristi Erickson
Enneagram Coach

you weren't made to be well-rounded.

You have a unique life calling. Something you were made to do that only you can. 

But, it’s easy to get distracted – even by the good stuff. Maybe you were on course at one point but now you’re not exactly sure where you’re going. It’s exhausting. It’s time to re-ignite your soul by discovering the uniqueness of you so that you can navigate life with greater clarity. 

You need a life plan.

a coach can help.

Through a series of structured conversations we will create a simple action plan to help you build your future.
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(if you haven’t, we can fix that!)

Now, take the crucial next step – apply what you know. With the help of a certified coach and a trusted assessment, you will:

be confident

Understand your unique strengths profile - why you do what you do without thinking.
(you are one in 33 million!)

be productive

Target your strengths toward the things that matter most.
(say yes and no more easily)

be you-ier

You will feel better, work better, and live better.
(fulfill your mission)

Look for this "seal of approval" when choosing a professional coach to assure the highest quality experience. Invest your resources wisely!

Are you ready to put your strengths to work?

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